For real what bullshit... this dude had 44rc. A new player would never have 44 rc. It takes months to get sufficient genie lamps for RuneScape gold this much xp. I consider myself relatively new to OSRS when compared with lots of individuals, but I have played a LOT since I started last November.

I started out OSRS as level 3 middle of March this year. Havent played Runescape because I was 10. Played until mid of May since I got burnt (1670 total and 230 QP afterward ). Came back end of July and I'm now 1818 full with a quest cape (I have 78 rc aswell).

Geez man how many hours can you play day? Quarantine guy, I am in a similar boat to the guy you are replying to. Spoke to Hans this afternoon, I have 24 days performed for an account I started in April lol. A lot of this is pretty afk skilling but I am something like 1650 total, 255 qp, ~35m complete xp... And that's all while operating a wfh task this summer! It is not too crazy but I certainly spend a lot of time online.

Person that's not even that bad honestly lmaoooo my first 6 weeks of osrs I clocked 100 days performed like 180 days of accounts era, something about there. I believe I was averaging just like 11-14 hours a day. Glad I am not quite that barbarous anymore.Im trying to start barrows shortly too, mind showing your entire equipment and inv loadout?

OMG, It's not an ironman post! 835 chests in my iron and I've still not got a dual let alone a triple torso OR even a guthans figure for that matter. Damn, that's a nice chaos rune haul. Meanwhile, im 700 chests in and cheap OSRS gold therefore are missing 3 items for complete barrows and havnt even found a single double chest... Gz on greatest chestplate for that real manbod look. And the other to get lookin like a unit. And here I am 346 chests in without seeing a single set piece Bah!