I'm, of course, exaggerating when I state 10k/hr, however, the point stands that some people who aren't good at it at all still run it because it's different. This is a classic"the grass is always greener on RS gold the other side" situation. Who the hell needs to do structure in RS3. Only a vocal minority, the majority of people do not care. Your game has been upgraded since 2003.

New Construction approaches and other upgrades coming up this year each the RS3 Q&A livestream broadcasting today. Construction contracts will be dead content because the XP rate is 20-25% that of frequent construction training along with the Fishing boss appears to be a inexpensive rehash of Wintertodt. Their player base isn't particularly happy with . Personally sawmills are far more exciting to me than building contracts.

As someone who recently made the return from osrs to rs3- yea we have consistent updates, but damn near all them felt like reskinned copies of shit we have already had. The battle ability basically comes down to can you manage this gear? Can you count automobile attacks? Would you remember to move two tiles over after counting said attacks? It may appear that the grass is greener, but it's also like old bum grass that's been around forever and someone comes by and paints it a different colour of green every week.

It easyer to put things into osrs because it is not that complicated in coding compared to rs3. Rs3 includes a lot of things that they got to work with and polish before anything get release. But the major issue with rs3 is insufficient communicating with player base and keeping to there schedule. Lol good god. You realize the attempt to make a boss on that potato is far simpler than rs3 correct? And we really got a whole buttocks new skill. Imagine being this dumb.

The best part is that the OSRS playerbase is whining about it on twitter. So ungrateful for how much communication and frequent attention they get. There will still be some dude in the comments who sincerely attempts to convince individuals rs3 has more content. I keep forgetting how great it is to get 3 fucking yak tracks. What you guys need content too? Push jagex into incorporating rs3 images into oldschool with original oldschool client/graphic potential. They then can enlarge the osrs team and cheap OSRS gold recycle lots of content/areas which rs3 has(after it passes a survey ). There wouldn't be much content for a while at rs3, but then all new content could be made for both games(using tweaks for osrs/rs3 certain servers). Call it rs5 and osrs5. (or just RS)I really believe RS would Greatly Reap the Benefits of old