The amount of times I've needed to hop off a court to reset the series so individuals are more inclined to play is insanity. There has to MT NBA 2K21 be a means to hide rep. People care too much about looking like they're good compared to actually being great. I want them win and to conceal rep. Reveal it when NBA 2K21 loads while people perform their intro. Build, Before that merely show position, and complete. I concur when they discover that their opponents are higher rep than those, but folks will dodge, I believe the better solution would be to get it not visible until the end of NBA 2K21, similar to multiplayer games such as Dead.

I used to hate back in 2K19 (or was it 18 I can not recall ) that while you were awaiting the court you couldn't see your winstreak before NBA 2K21 began and you asked somebody. We understand that it was a blessing in disguise. This year, I have to acquire a 6 winstreak. I mean I understand why some run imaging you as2 and u play with a poisonous line up pure lockdown, play shooter, paint beast or inside force abusing screens not really a fun again. I don't run from anyone but most of the elite squads I've seen in park are lame to play against.

Have 2 corner hoes while 1 guy ISO's is boring for 4/6 people playing. It is 2Ks mistake for making a winning strat but it's clear why people would not do that. If you aren't having fun then, it is a game? In fact don't do this, I found it is easier to get games when you are on high win streak and somebody finds some balls and try to beat you. On the other hand if you hop off and they see you're an elite squad you are never getting matches.

So you are suggesting they go into a game knowing they most likely will lose? Lol 2K must have it similarly skilled men and women match up jointly & folks don't have to think about things like this. If you are running you lose to anybody. I know people who are new to NBA 2K21 not wanting to play a legend or elite however some folks have been around NBA 2K21 annually and just look to get bums to conquer. While I would love matchmaking nothing that is theirs to spare. Way too many factors to determine how a person ought to be rated.

I just play myteam, but in most situations I'd say losing is not fun, & if you knew you we're going to play with an individual far better than you & the chances of you winning are slim I could see why a lot of Cheap NBA 2K21 MT people wouldn't wish to put themselves through that. But you're chances of winning will be limited if you vs people at your level. That is with anything in existence. Online will be competitive although I get some people play with super causally. If 2K makes a park solely for casual play with no rewards or small rewards that might help. Substantial facts, this was my first year playing at the playground, had a 38% win percentage by January, couldn't shoot for shit.