Ratcatchers is the pursuit on Runescape. Underground Pass? One Small Favour? Quests in contrast. Jimmy could've gone further to show every agonizing step of this exploration. The NPCs are more annoying than he shows, the Mansion run is a little slice of hell even WITH a manual, the fucking RUNAROUND this exploration has you do will be a slog, (range covers from OSRS gold Ardougne all the way to Pollivneach,) the reward is basically nonexistent, and its not unlikely you'll wind up doing all this JUST for the sake of a music track locked behind the quest which you need to play to get a moderate clue scroll.

Allow this experience that is gloomy is rewritten by Jimmy so that others don't have to endure the conversation any longer. I forgot to add that it is also trying at one point because YOUR CAT CAN LITERALLY DIE. And it occurs MORE than you think because to be able to cure your cat through the event you have to use your food onto a hole in the wall rather than on your cat itself, or clicking on your food. It is horribly counter-intuitive and can be easily missed!

Pass is one of the greatest quests in the entire game, people battle and simply don't get their agility for it. It's sick if you are not failing the agility checks all. The atmosphere is amazing and the story is really cool. 1 Small Favour has some of the greatest dialogue, also. It is frustrating only because of how much time it is, but that is entirely the point. I concur that Disk Pass is amazing. The narrative of it and the end is actually pretty engaging. I was only using it as an illustration of some the "infamous" quests to compare.

I shall sing the praises of Old School RS Gold One Little Favour. I believe that it's only unpopular because individuals approach quests like checkboxes to be gotten done with as quickly as possible and afterwards forgotten. If you approach it like a quest it is a fun little walk throughout the map. It's even a novelty if you've gotten accustomed to teleporting most areas. It is funny, since the most time I had that experience due to my stinginess.