Rendi has insane match knowledge & he's contributed to furthering the understanding/exploiting of their sport mechanics. But he had plenty of help along the way. He's well connected with OSRS gold the underground & niche runescape communities that contributed a lot of game knowledge .

All three joined, it generated a blue print to the first level 3 firecape. Now that the blueprint exists, individuals can follow that blue print to replicate what he achieved. Again they will require persistence and motivation to do so, seeing as each attempt takes over 100 hours. But a level 3 fire cape needs an average skill level in tick manipulation, memorizing the routine Rendi has given usand to do it.

You can't achieve what Woox failed simply replicating his movie with motivation and persistence. It requires calculation is ticked by god grade. I would say the prayer flicks of Woox belong in the 1% of the 1 percent. There are likely less than 10 people in the sport capable enough to do Woox's inferno challenge, whereas there are hundreds, if not a few thousand gamers that are capable to perform Rendi's level 3 cape challenge.

I agree that each are their very own challenges that are unique and require different skills. But merely on the basis of repeatability, the challenge of Woox is much tougher. For example: Let us say you take 200 random gamers. 100 of these gamers are randomly selected to achieve level 3 fire cape. The remaining 100 are selected to achieve the Woox inferno run. Let's assume all 200 people have the motivation and persistence to push the challenges. I'd wager there will be 50 level 3 fire capes from the group, prior to the 2nd team even manages to Woox Infero, IF they even manage to finish it.

The argument could be made that when lots of people wanted to take weeks of breaking the inferno down that the prayer flicking procedure would be doable. The difference between both is that cheap RS gold there is a blueprint for the lvl 3 prediction whereas there is not a blueprint for inferno not since one cant be generated but because noone has yet. I think that if put two people up against each other with no google an infinite amount of time that I reckon the inferno qpuld be finished before the flame cape.