As someone considering trying RS3 from OSRS, how'd you begin and get used to everything? Thanks for the responses guys. I think I will begin a new RS3 accounts to find out everything's that changed while I AFK train on RuneScape gold. Who knows, maybe I'll get to it. I'm curious. Mainly a mobile OSRS participant but logged in my old RS3 account and felt overwhelmed from the menus and RuneScape itself which I was wondering when I came back what is a fantastic method to find out RuneScape?

Locate a clan. Your encounter will be helped by it. It's going supply events, people to talk to, ask questions about, etc. Search youtube videos to the things you are confused about/ curious about. It'll be there, don't worry. As ultimately, those stats is what you are likely to benefit from the most I'd get straight to battle / slayer. Learning the battle system is not quick to comprehend and quite as difficult as it might seem. Sometimes I feel that this is missing, but actually try to play for pleasure. There is no need to have the mentality of"I should reach the endgame asap."

Now that you have maxed what is your view on RuneScape? Can it be as bad as the community portrays? I enjoy RuneScape, thats for certain. It will have a great deal of defects (so does OSRS) but I have enjoyed and played my fair share of matches which are even more flawed than RS3 is. Something which did really stick with me was I never even properly trained some skills. This especially applied to Hunter, Agility and construction. Other than utilizing Silverhawks, Protean traps and planks on a DXP weekend that I trained the skills. I did warbands for building and ran the 10 laps of agility for a daily whenever I had to, but other than that I never even touched a majority of what the abilities had to provide while getting 99s.

If you mentioned that in OSRS, they will call RuneScape easyscape. RS3 is a whole lot easier compared to osrs, and it is not even just simply because of things such as bonus xp and Old School RS Gold keys. RS3 has existed for quite a while now, and during that time they have made a whole lot of QOL updates to a number of the abilities, additional new ways to train abilities, higher content in skills etc, that generally make RuneScape easier cause of greater xp rates. Most osrs players believe everyone on RS3 just buys xp, which a lot of people probably do, but with just how long RuneScapes been outside there are tons of ways to train every skill, and if you wanna be efficient you can get some pretty mad XP/Hr numbers.