The players that created the Arks Layer fan launcher that's allowed people to play the JP version, for the previous 8 decades, have now added support for updating/patching that PSO2 Meseta the NA PSO2 by using their launcher. Currently, it requires the first 11gb download from the Windows Store, but they're working to determine if they can skip the Windows Store entirely.So, it appears using a workaround to bypass the NA launcher, and only launching Phantasy Star Online 2 stand, makes the horrendous lobby lag vanish almost completely. This will, but make you unable to patch the standard way, so you're going to have to use the aforementioned Arks Layer launcher instead to patch Phantasy Star Online 2 (that is probably the safer bet at this stage anyway).

This is like a night and day difference of 60+ FPS with no stutter. This seems to confirm that it's not Phantasy Star Online 2 inducing the reception lag, and that something is seriously wrong with SEGA's launcher for the NA version.According to a single user, there is an -Boost flag the launcher passes to pso2.exe that's ruining I/O performance and causing the huge frame drops in the lobbies. Will update again if more info is available. SEGA stated they won't have any information/fixes about all the other stuff. Meanwhile, Arks Layer has fixed a lot of the install problems and will attempt to update their launcher using a solution ASAP. Pays to be agile in circumstances such as this.

I'm frankly baffled because this NA release is simply occurring 8 decades later because of someone in Microsoft clearly having a soft spot for PSO, but yet they do not appear to have done any QA whatsoever to make sure that Phantasy Star Online 2 actually installs/launches properly for the vast majority of users. It is like they put their enthusiasm into announcing Phantasy Star Online 2 and not one into ensuring it actually works. With the Japanese version for years and I have played with, and installing/uninstalling/translating throughout the Arks Layer launcher that was fan-made is painless automated and idiot-proof this stage. There is no reason.

I ran to no issues on my own machine, but getting it to work in my sister's PC has been an absolute nightmare. It's a super fluid coop action battle game with a great deal of articles and charm. At its finest, a nearly pitched Hunter-ish vibe is given off by the boss fights.