After Bryant's untimely passing nba 2k20 mt in January, it seems almost impossible to envision 2K's tribute to the deceased legend is finished. They've honored him in-game with a few digital murals, but nothing quite as expansive as should be expected with this year's match once the team has a chance to work on something even more comprehensive. I would expect to find some sort of Bryant tribute mode, and it is possible it could be like the Jordan Challenge style from NBA 2K11.

I have to give a major shoutout to Da Infamous NY for placing the battery in my back for this particular section. He put together a wishlist that is good with a significant concentration on MyLeague and personalization. I have some of my very own and echo a lot of his ideas here. The franchise modes continue to be the 2K universe's most comprehensive and well-done facets. However, too few people take advantage of it. If there were bigger VC rewards for completing specific franchise goals (MVP, winning the NBA Finals, All-Star Appearances, Hall-of-Fame inductions, leading the league in scoring), it might entice more people to play.

The elephant in the area stays MyTeam, the card-based game style for the series. As monetizing the sport to maintain a consistent profit continues to get worse, sports games have evolved to this. The mode itself could be the ideal way to do it. With plenty of players to help build a team around a mentor and their doctrine is trendy, allowing for matching and mixing lineups with different coaches. There are challenges this season that will net there and more are Evolution Cards that enable cards to level up higher once particular goals are satisfied. Herein lies the issue.

Salary Cap Mode - 2K tried this angle using its SuperMax mode a few years ago, and their strategy was flawed. They left it far to put it clearly. A wages should be carried by each gem class, like the way DraftKings competitions work. Your lineups salary cap may be state $15 million with Galaxy Opal cards counting for $3.5 million, Pink Diamonds $3 million, Diamonds $2.5 million, Amethysts $1.5 million, Rubies $1 million, Sapphires $850K, Emeralds $700K, Gold $500K, Silvers $250K, and Bronzes $100K. Each user has to fill every slot without Buy nba 2k20 mt coins a duplicate players, and nobody playing out of place. If this existed, it would be my favourite mode, and it would reach a few things.