We mentioned it at the OSRS gold beginning, however, the introduction of the Archaeology RuneScape ability needs to be one of the single biggest updates we have needed to RuneScape at a really long time. I really don't wish to be that individual that asks"What's next for RuneScape?" We have a few updates declared at RuneFest to come, such as Elder God Wars Dungeon, Desperate Measures and Task Pets, and they are all well into design and development.

A huge thank you to the development group at Jagex for sitting for an email interview this past week. There's an embargo on the Archaeology RuneScape ability for the next 6 weeks; this implies that no experience bonuses may be utilised to progress at a quicker speed than any other participant. So roll your sleeves up and get out there, folks! We have got a ton of ancient puzzles to solve and a fancy fresh RuneScape skill cape to make.

Old School RuneScape has never become the prettiest game on the market, but players that do not care about graphics don't really mind. However, what if Old School RuneScape could look graphically impressive? At least compared to current RuneScape graphics?

A article has blown up on the Rsgoldfast subreddit, the article is by Tottty and shows a next-gen RuneScape client that takes the images level of RuneScape to a level. The post received major support from RuneScapes community, and Jordan (Tottty) chose to provide a little history behind the customer's existence. Jordan clarifies that the customer was only a side project for him if he was 17 and learning to program.