Is it worthless Kamas Dofus Retro an occasion where you get items that are ceremonial? In case a newbie lev 15 gets the exact same ceremonial item (that isn't even exchangeable), does this make your thing worth less? You got me! I stated there, if you would have read, you'd have noticed"more liberty for pvm and pvp players, so that they do not feel pressured to do the opposite of what and how they like the most to play". Ask every pvm-er when s/he has to spend whole fortunes on pebbles obtainable only from kolo for leveling professions, how happy s/he is. They're way a lot of items today, for the prices for many mats from critters have dropped radically (and will still fall more) while the prices for pebbles from kolo have stayed exactly the same, or have raised.

Most of pvm-ers see themselves forced to pvp, to receive the pebbles they want for many crafts following lev to get a profession leveling procedure sustainable. The day will come when even recall potions will need some sort of pebble obtainable for kolo tokens. The way I see it, there should be a way about it, I do not know, like, other recipes: use XXX amounts of critters resources and YYY amount of pebbles from kolo; or use XXXXX + AAAAA amounts of monster resources instead. I talk about this when I talk from pvp. Or why not create perhaps, and servers for pvm only, and for pvp just some for both coexisting; see where they'd be more players?

What is the motivation for low lev players to attend koth xp/ do nothing there? Not for the time being, anyhow. There ought to be some sort of reward for attending koth ava struggles. Some tokens that are new? Some pebbles? Why not? I suppose you are a new player, are not you? You have no clue on the number of folks who used to play with cheap Dofus Kamas game, even when they had been more servers, some years ago. AND YES, BACK THEN THE GAME HAD MORE GRINDING THAN IT HAS NOW. : - maybe you'd love to visit servers? Not in a number that is minor, and to which players go, since it made Ankama allow all to play. Xx edition of the game.