I plan on playing with Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta not on an Xbox ship. Can't they just let there be server crossplay such as FFXIV. Does not seem like a challenging process for large companies/developers. You mean like world visiting in FFXIV? Or cases being over your datacenter? PSO2 doesn't have that feature, but who knows, maybe something similar to this will be available for NA.Pretty considerably, though my sole experience with the franchise is by way of phantasy star universe on the Xbox 360. So maybe PSO2 isn't able to support something like this.

I think he means PS4 platform and PC players able to perform on a server. Long past Xbox desired FFXIV but they denied cross platform since they wanted their own Xbox servers.I that is only mean, logic would state Phantasy Star Online 2 was for years, so why do it need beta testing? Testing on consoles makes sense if it's never been on computer keyboard? Maybe theres just going to become a console evaluation and then a release for both at the same moment.

It is my speculation as this is the time Phantasy Star Online 2 is releasing for XBox - XBox is not well known in Japan, PC is not huge there although it's grown over the last decade. They're largely players. PC will not really need any tweaks aside from localization, although I am not sure which era of PSO2 we're starting with (it's been said that it will not be the current version). The only thing that kind of sucks is that even from the beta that is closed, no information is being wiped, so it is kind of a launching for XBox. PC integration is soon, they'll be needing to buy PSO2 Meseta be sure crossplay is currently functioning correctly after all.