Due to your Kamas Dofus Retro enthusiasm and passion, we could show that this version had an audience and that you were ready to throw yourselves into this"old-school" game style. Challenges and farming, and of course slower progress? That wouldn't scare you! That's what encouraged us to keep putting a great deal for at least the upcoming few months. For that reason, it's with fantastic pleasure that we have two announcements that can -- we hope -- allow you to just as happy as usWe're producing a working group that can continue to boost your gaming experience in the coming months, with the objective of enhancing things without betraying the credibility of the game. There will be bug fixes, however, features aimed at increasing relaxation will also be implemented.

We are also speaking with the founder of DOFUS Remastered, a project that aims to improve the visual aspect of the game while retaining its own special charm, so as to incorporate all or part of what it offers.We would love to take this opportunity to explain our position on third-party software that change the behaviour or appearance of DOFUS. For your protection, these initiatives are not supported by us. Utilizing this kind of application exposes you to security flaws (deliberate or accidental) that make it possible to use your personal data (files, contact details, friend list, social networking, bank accounts, etc.) and may also make inequality between players (amount of feasible activities, action clarity, etc.).

But we recognize the value of cheap Dofus Kamas the project provided by DOFUS Remastered so we wish to offer you these developments in a legitimate and secure way by working with its creator.You'll have to be a little patient to appreciate how DOFUS Retro is growing, but we were excited to give you this good news, which has been made possible by your enthusiasm!